artist statement

katie white

Katie White is a mixed media artist originally from New Jersey now residing in Colorado relaying her love for the natural world in a modern way. Katie creates in her bedroom studio in Boulder with her adorable french bulldog studio assistant at her side. When crafting her treasures out of metal or glass she wants the being on the receiving end to feel the love, care, labor, and energy she has conjured. Katie highlights organic structures within rigid and precise materials. She longs for her offerings to nourish the souls of her supporters both physically, mentally, and possibly even spiritually. Katie believes we are all learning how to find ourselves and with each product she presents to the world she is coming back to her soul. She describes this as a reemerging of all senses and a desire to express from a place of love. Katie heals as she creates and this is persistent within her use of semi precious gemstones and symbolic mythology within her pieces. As a maker who hopes to tend to the land and live for the earth she longs for her expressions shift to highlight the importance of caring for all that surrounds us. Living a holistic and organic lifestyle is an approach she continually ties into her embodied art forms. Katie dream’s of her art awe-inspiring the same emotion and imprint upon all it touches just as the ineffable and ephemeral universe does.

Designed and Handmade In House

Consistently leaning towards organic imitation, Katie makes visual confessions of life’s roller coaster – mementos of love, trauma redefined, connection, and acceptance. She gives a nod to the unpleasant, turning ugly into beauty; celebrating delight and amplifying the pleasurable.The conceptual focus of Katie’s jewelry is based in personal narrative, using abstracted references to natural imagery and societal influences to share experiences, thoughts, and ideas.

A primary focal point explores themes of connection, creating moments and objects that help facilitate the power of interconnectedness. She works both large (for jewelry) and small scale, finding balance in the extremes. Katie hopes to honor sculpture work by building intricate pieces by hand from precious scrap metals. She mainly works in sterling silver, dabbling in gold when optional. Katie sees nature and man as one and the merging of natural materials within her work allows her to find balance in life.